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Celebrating parties: 7 tips for great parties

Celebrating parties: 7 tips for great parties

Whenever a new semester begins, you can find a lot of advice for successful studies in the relevant forums and blogs, from studying correctly to avoiding exam anxiety. Today we want to focus on the really important things and tell you how to throw the perfect shared apartment party . Because that's student life too: just go overboard!

7 tips for a successful party

1. Buy enough drinks: This especially applies to the student classic beer as well as non-alcoholic alternatives. Is your fridge tiny? No problem: fill your bathtub with ice cubes and the bottles stay cold all night long.

2. Consider the day of the week: Most parties take place on Fridays and Saturdays. This means: The chances that your loved one or your entire clique will drop by are decreasing rapidly. Celebrate on an unusual day to attract more people. How about e.g. B. with a weekend chill-out on Sunday evening?

3. Choose a motto: Imagine you are 75 and looking back on your student days. Chances are, you'll remember a James Bond party or a Caribbean party better than any unthemed student party. You will find that having a theme makes it easier for you to put together a suitable playlist. You can find some inspiration e.g. B. at .

4. Plan the guest list: The best parties are the ones where you meet lots of familiar faces and still get to meet new people. It's all in the mix! Make sure there is a balance between men and women. You should also clearly communicate whether your guests are allowed to bring someone with them or not. Both are okay!

5. Bring food: Most guests have no problem bringing something to a student party and are happy to receive clear instructions. Super practical (and free!) is e.g. B. the online tool . This way you avoid having only chips and pasta salad at your party. Don't forget to have enough plates, cups, mugs and cutlery ready!

6. Polish up kitchen equipment: The kitchen is the center of every party and the ideal place for a buffet. This leaves more space for dancing in the other rooms. Even unspectacular snacks such as pretzel sticks, meatballs or sandwiches look appetizing and tasty with fine tableware. Be sure to check out the fabulous student discounts from Villeroy & Boch . (Voucher code: villeroy-student )

7. And most importantly: have fun! As is the case everywhere: trying is more important than studying. If your party isn't organized optimally, that doesn't mean it isn't fantastic! If you have fun as a host, this will also be passed on to your guests.

We wish you lots of unforgettable student parties!

Images: “ Confetti , “ Chips ” (Flickr)

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