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Start the next day successfully

Start the next day successfully

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Many students have terrible time management skills. Three days before an exam, you go through the entire semester and study the material. Even before an important presentation, people spend the night because there is no other way to do it. After studying, you will remember it and perhaps look back a little wistfully. It's somehow part of student life. But if you don't want these bad habits to follow you into your professional life, you should immediately rethink your time management.

Start with the little things in everyday life

Every problem has its cause and this cause also has its roots. To manage your time efficiently, you should first work on your everyday habits. As you have probably already noticed, you get caught in a vicious circle and can no longer get out of procrastinating . The first steps are very simple. Develop a routine daily routine and do NOT postpone what you can get today until tomorrow. If you're wondering what successful people do before bed and how they start the next day, here's the recipe for success:

In the evening:

  • Pack your bag. This way you won't have to worry about time in the morning if you can't find something.
  • Gather your outfit. This will save you trouble in the morning if you spot a stain on a shirt.
  • Review plans for the next day. Then you will sleep more peacefully once you have created a structure for the next day.
  • Turn off technology. Electrosmog affects your night's sleep. Reduce radiation by turning off your devices.
  • Come to rest. Drink herbal tea, meditate or read to relax your stomach and mind.
  • OR: Release pressure by doing bed sports with your better half again.
In the morning:
  • Stay away from snooze. 5 minutes longer? Then you're even more tired and you can't do it for a few minutes anymore.
  • Let in the light. Sun makes you happy and daylight, unlike a lamp, really wakes you up.
  • Listen to music. Turn on your favorite station on the radio or put on your playlist . A good mood is guaranteed!
  • Laptop stays off. Surfing in the morning is distracting and takes up time. It's better to check your emails on the train on the way to university/work.
  • Good breakfast. The most important meal of the day gives you energy. And don't gobble everything up, but eat carefully.
Good luck :)

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