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“He’s back” by Timur Vermes

“He’s back” by Timur Vermes

General short description

In the spring of 2011, Adolf Hitler woke up without a plan in an empty lot in the trendy Berlin-Mitte district.
Nothing is the same as it used to be: the war is over, there are no parties and instead there are thousands of foreigners and hipsters around him, but he quickly realizes that although everything is different in the 21st century, people still need a leader. By chance, he manages to gain a foothold quickly because he uses a comedy show on television as a career ladder and quickly becomes a TV star and cult figure. People think he is the funniest and best Hitler actor of all time. However, they don't understand that it's really him. Adolf Hitler ''IS BACK'', as sophisticated and evil as he was back then. He launches his first new campaign using the new media of cell phones, the Internet, Facebook and YouTube. He leads political debates and even receives an offer of membership in the Green Party. Incredibly, it seems that the new TV star's views still have plenty of ground for planning the next campaign.

My opinion
Timur Vermes has simply presented a first-class political satire, because the book "He's back" definitely provides a few laughs, is funny, charming, thoughtful and somehow worrying.
Through the first-person perspective, you experience Hitler up close, not just as a joke figure, but as a highly intelligent and unscrupulous person.
It's a bit strange to find yourself, while reading, laughing with the leader rather than at him. But this makes you realize how easily people in a now democratic country could fall for someone like Hitler again.

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