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“Finally Don’t Smoke” by Allen Carr

“Finally Don’t Smoke” by Allen Carr

About the book

With “Finally non-smokers!” Allen Carr wrote the world's most successful book on overcoming nicotine addiction. Based on his own experiences, the former chain smoker has developed a method with which even long-term smokers can succeed in breaking away from their compulsion. This free audio book provides straightforward, step-by-step instructions down to the last cigarette.

By far the most successful method of quitting smoking.

My opinion

Just in time for the New Year, it's that time again: for a short period of time, everyone does sports , everyone eats healthily , everyone is a good, courteous and nice person; Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and non-binding sex without love were banished to the past year. But then February comes and, as usual, you wake up on Sundays with a terrible skull in unfamiliar surroundings next to strangers, are annoyed that you're out of cigarettes and can't wait to eat a delicious breakfast cheeseburger from McDonald's on the way home crush.

But now it's still January. So I also came up with the idea of ​​actively eliminating the last of my existing vices and “hitting my ears” with a masterpiece of international addiction advice literature. The good piece is called “Finally Non-Smokers” and was written by Allen Carr. Everyone I know knows at least one person who stopped smoking after reading the book. The reviews on the internet are almost entirely positive. Since I decided very early in life that being a rebel suits me very well and therefore basically finds everything stupid that others find good, I was very curious to see whether I could be broken.

The audio book definitely started off very promisingly: you are immediately encouraged to continue smoking and not to rush to throw your opened pack of cigarettes in the trash can. Admittedly, my guilty conscience was actually a little heightened when I stood on the balcony with a fag while all the negative aspects of smoking bombarded me through headphones. I was impressed that “Finally Non-Smokers” doesn't so blatantly raise the medical, financial and moral finger, but simply outlines the normal everyday life of every smoker. situations in which every smoker recognizes themselves; Situations that the listener should deal with critically through questions and direct address. I've always done well. But conversely, I also asked myself what else I can do to fill the gaps in my everyday life if I don't fill up those around me with smoke at the bus stop or fill the long waiting time in a restaurant with two enjoyable cigarettes?! I would probably rarely get any fresh air on Sunday if I didn't drag myself to the gas station to buy a box of cigarettes. Would that be so healthy?! Still, I didn't want to be discouraged and, with guidance, I continued to convince myself that I was a terrible, smelly, unhealthy, wasteful and miserable person.

Now comes the time jump! I've finished listening to the audio book and you're probably now interested in whether I'm a militant ex-smoker?! First, some background information: My subsequent internet research revealed that the author, Allen Carr, died of lung cancer in 2006 - after 23 years as a non-smoker. Unfortunately, the irony in this case cannot be denied. Be that as it may, I'll go and have a smoke now!

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Are you still keeping your resolutions for 2015? Benni from the allmaxx editorial team has considered quitting smoking. He has taken on a world-famous book on overcoming nicotine addiction. Do you want to know the result?

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