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Finally in harmony: cell phone tariff and monthly budget

Finally in harmony: cell phone tariff and monthly budget

Reading emails on the go, predicting the weather for tomorrow or checking the result of your football club - life in the communication age makes it possible. But unfortunately it also has its price. Your monthly cell phone bill reminds you of this with regularity. But that's over now, because 1&1 has the ideal solution for you:

The all-net flat rate for young people

The new tariff from 1&1 is aimed specifically at young people and students. Under the name All-Net-Flat Young, 18-28 year olds can now use extremely cheap tariffs for mobile surfing on the Internet as well as for making phone calls and sending SMS. Depending on whether you want to write more text messages or surf more, you can choose between two tariffs. Always included is a telephone flat rate to German landlines, all German mobile networks and a flat rate for mobile surfing. At the start of this new offer, there will be doubled high-speed volume for fast access to the network until the end of May - with all well-known all-net flat tariffs from 1&1.

Unbeatable: the price!

If you already have a smartphone and choose the 1&1 All-Net-Flat Young , this offer will cost you €19.99 per month. May it be a little bit more? For just an extra 10 euros, i.e. €29.99 per month, you can also order a current smartphone. You can also get the latest hardware for little money, such as the LG G Flex – one of the first curved smartphones – or the Samsung Gear 2 Neo or Samsung Gear Fit smartwatches.

You want to know exactly: Then find out more at Here you will find all current tariffs and offers and can order the cheapest tariff immediately.

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