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“A Fistful of Words” by Jojo Moyes

“A Fistful of Words” by Jojo Moyes

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A story about disappointments, hopes, self-discovery and broken hearts. But above all a story about the unconditional love between two people who never stopped loving each other.

General short description:

1960. Jennifer Stirling should actually be happy: she leads a carefree life at the side of her wealthy husband. But her heart belongs to someone else - and he asks her to give up everything for him.

2003. Ellie Haworth has found her dream job: she is a journalist at one of London's leading newspapers. She should actually be happy. But the man she loves belongs to someone else.

One day, Ellie comes across a decades-old letter in the archives: the unknown sender asks his lover to leave her husband and go to New York with him. When Ellie reads these lines, she is shocked. What happened to the two of them and their love? She investigates and comes across Jennifer: a woman who has lost everything. Everything except a handful of precious words.

Our opinion:

Of course, the focus is on the love story between Jennifer and her unknown lover and his love letters. This love story immediately grabs you and you want to know what happened to them. But what shouldn't be overlooked are the actors in addition to the actual story. Ellie, for example, goes on her own journey and grows from Jennifer's past.

With Jennifer's love story you get to know a different world: the image of women in 1960. Jennifer has to deal with her obligations to society and her husband and also painfully realize who her true friends are.

With this novel, Jojo Moyes has managed to make the reader go on a journey themselves. The novel beautifully shows that love can be a blessing and a curse at the same time and that you often ask yourself the question, what would you do yourself? Everyone feels the story of Jennifer and her loved one in a very personal way.

A soulful and touching novel, perfect for lovers of non-“classic” love stories.

And suitable for warm spring days on the balcony or in the park. Just read, dream and let yourself be carried away.

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