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Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Internet

Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Internet

Over the last few weeks and months it has been in the media over and over again – the NSA scandal. We have all discussed topics such as privacy, transparency, surveillance and security hotly, often and with pleasure. Whether on a date, with friends, or over Christmas dinner, we expressed our opinions clearly and loudly.

During the TED2014 conference in Vancouver, Chris Anderson, journalist and TED curator, interviewed two protagonists of this story: Edward Snowden , the whistleblower, and Richard Ledgett , deputy director of the NSA.

“How can we take back the internet?” Chris Anderson, together with Snowden, is trying to answer this question.

At the end of the talk, Anderson says, “The NSA is welcome to respond if they want.” And then here is the answer.

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