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E-Shisha – the healthy version?

E-Shisha – the healthy version?

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Popular and a socializing trend for years. You sit, chat and occasionally puff on the fruity pipe. However, in a group there is usually someone who is there but remains smoke-free. We have found a new alternative. Just like the e-cigarette, you can now also buy an e-shisha. The electronic cigarette is still controversial, does the same apply to the electronic shisha?

What does the shisha actually do?

The water pipe of Arabic origin is usually smoked as tobacco with different fruit flavors. The smoke is drawn through a vessel filled with water. Sure, you probably remember other things now, right? ;) In any case, the smoke is cooled and suspended particles and water-soluble components are partially filtered out. Opinions differ when it comes to health effects.

What is the E-Shisha?

From a large unwieldy hookah to a shisha the size of fountain pens. The “Shisha-to-go” is also offered in different flavors: cherry, apple, raspberry, kiwi, pina colada, chocolate and more. E-shishas are similar to e-cigarettes. Difference: they do not contain nicotine and are therefore not subject to child protection. Instead of nicotine, they usually contain flavored fluids. These consist of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and the corresponding aroma. At least the harmful substance nicotine is excluded from the e-shisha. In addition, your surroundings will not be bothered by harmful smoke. Smoking a cigarette also produces fine dust, tar and carbon monoxide.

Nevertheless, the e-shisha is of course not as healthy as apples, pears and bananas themselves. If you want to be on the safe side, eat the fruit instead of smoking it ;) Joking aside. The research is not yet ready to provide reliable statements about health. At least the e-Shisha has more advantages compared to the cigarette.

Where can I find an electronic shisha?

The easiest way to find an e-Shisha is online. This internet really has everything! You will quickly find what you are looking for at ! The steamo sweet e-Shisha looks very good and is inexpensive. You can fill in your favorite fluid here. The e-Shisha is always refillable and rechargeable. You don't have to adjust them, just pull them. A blue ring lights up, which also provides information about the status of the battery. According to customer satisfaction, you can't go wrong with her.

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