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The clean student shared apartment – ​​a guide

The clean student shared apartment – ​​a guide

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It is a vexing topic for many, but a necessity for everyone. Here are the best tips for keeping your shared apartment clean:

Clear distribution of roles

As a rule, the work doesn't sit there because no one notices that it needs to be done. Even staunch advocates of the “I feel good too” attitude to life secretly find it nicer when things are clean and tidy. In terms of cost-benefit analysis, the work just isn't worth the result. That's perfectly fine and no one should be forced to do something they don't want to do - unless, of course, they live with other people.

That's why clear communication, followed by even clearer distribution of roles, is essential right from the start of living together.

After the upcoming homework has been roughly outlined, an open exchange can take place about who will take on which tasks. It can definitely make sense for certain tasks to be taken on permanently by certain people , as opposed to a rigid rotation system. Not only do many people have deep-seated likes and dislikes towards certain things, it may also be that there is a roommate who is predestined for some jobs (due to certain talents or habits).

Once the roles have been roughly assigned, it is important to clearly define and record the expectations of others . What is “spring cleaning” for one person may at best mean “roughly wiped over” for another. It is important that these agreements cannot be questioned afterwards. Anyone who later realizes that “keeping the bathroom clean” takes four times as much time as “getting the mail every day” is out of luck. At least until the next meeting where a new decision can be made (for example once a month or quarterly).

The rotation principle often makes sense for work that is difficult to predict. For example, when cooking is rare and irregular. Anyone who has sacrificed themselves to do the dishes can nominate the next roommate (according to the alphabet) on a chalkboard in the kitchen. Anyone who sees his name there knows it's his turn this time.

If no agreement is reached in open discussion, it can also be decided to pool money together every month to hire a household helper . There is now a service like Mila in almost every major city. If you can earn EUR 30 an hour in a talented programmer's shared apartment with a part-time job from home, you don't necessarily have to spend valuable time vacuuming and cleaning windows.

The right material

Sometimes even the most motivated attempts at order and cleanliness simply fail because of the possibilities. Without a proper glass cleaning product, no one can get the windows really clean. The same applies to all other areas of the apartment. Steel wool, ceramic hob cleaners, abrasive cleaners, dusters, sponges and cleaning cloths for various surfaces (from hygienic to less hygienic).

If you walk through your home and take note of what needs to be done , you can put together your own list. At this point you should combine and not save money. You can get most cleaning supplies at low prices compared to the peace of mind that comes with having everything neat and no one complaining. This is how your home becomes an oasis of well-being .

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