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The allmaxx team's favorite series

The allmaxx team's favorite series

When, if not now, in winter do we cling to the screen and watch TV series that make our pulse beat faster. Good series are the new cinema and we are rightly becoming addicted to one or two amazing films. By the time the cliffhanger hits, we're going crazy because we absolutely have to see the next episode. If we have devoured a season and have to wait months for the next one, we feel like we are in withdrawal. In the hope of inspiring you with a good new series while you wait, we're introducing you to the allmaxx team's favorite series.

What are really good series?

Big Bang Theory

The story:

The intelligence of four university graduates stands in stark contrast to their blonde neighbor, who perfectly reflects the cliché of stupidity and naivety. Science, comics and science fiction - mainly Star Trek - are among the four nerds' great hobbies. The friendship of the 5 is at a high level and they go through many amusing but also strange phases that make life more valuable.

Why we love Big Bang Theory:

Michael, boss of allmaxx, is totally in love with Big Bang Theory. Yes, exactly, because he is at least as much of a genius as the protagonists. But he actually only watches the nerd series because it feels like home. Michael himself studied engineering at a technical university.

Here you can watch Big Band Theory in HD.

Breaking Bad

The story:

The honorable chemistry teacher Walter White is suffering from lung cancer. He goes through the transformation from a good person to a merciless criminal. In order to ensure that his family is well looked after later, he forces his former student Jesse, who he knows deals drugs, to produce and sell the drug meth, which draws both of them deeper and deeper into the drug world.

Why we love Breaking Bad:

Our colleagues Conny and Stefano just think Breaking Bad is awesome! The story, direction, actors and character development are incomparable to other good series. The story constantly increases, so that the viewer is constantly surprised. The special thing: it gets even more exciting with every season!

You can watch Breaking Bad in HD here.

By the way, with allmaxx you can stream many good series, such as Breaking Bad, on Snap by Sky for free for a month!

Boardwalk Empire

The story:

Enoch, the king of the empire in the 1920s, which houses red scenes and various hotels, is also a gangster and politician. He is the top dog in the business world and his brother Elias, who is the sherrif of the town, supports this. FBI Agent Van Alden moves to the city to confront the bloodshed.

Why we love Boardwalk Empire:

Conny is a bit into blood that flows and flows. Conspiracies, murder and blackmail are the central themes for her and therefore reason to adore Broadwalk Empire. No, she is not exactly how you imagine Conny to be. She just likes it particularly bloody when she turns on the flicker box.

You can watch Boardwalk Empire in HD here.


The story:

Former successful writer Hank Moody thinks it makes sense to combat grief with alcohol and affairs. Even though he was abandoned by his wife and daughter, he doesn't want to give them up and tries to get them back.

Why we love Californication:

Our key account manager Teresa loves Hank - and sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll! Californication shows the dirty side of Hollywood. The characters are spoiled, but still lovable. Hank, as a successful, unproductive writer who was cheated on by his wife, fell into a creative crisis as a result, and since the separation has laid down everything that isn't possible at three, is now trying to lead a somewhat decent life for his daughter.

You can watch Californication in HD here.

Dr. House

The story:

The doctor addicted to painkillers, Dr. House is a diagnostic specialist in nephrology and infectious diseases. Correct diagnoses of the most life-threatening patients are his and his team's top priority. However, cooperation is made difficult by his disrespectful, sometimes malicious and cynical nature.

Why we Dr. Love House:

Of course, our dear boss Michael goes for Dr. House: "The exemplary staff management and work attitude are really impressive. In addition, of course, the ability to derive an accurate cancer diagnosis from the remains of a toothpick in the trash can of a McDonald's branch where the friend of one of the patient's cousins ​​once had breakfast."

Here you can Dr. Watch House in HD.

a heavenly family

The story:

Pastor Eric Camden, his wife Annie and their children live in Glenoak, USA. Even in their always too “perfect world”, everyday problems that children, teenagers and parents have are solved in an impressive and exemplary manner, although sometimes with hurdles. The pious and blissful idyll does not leave the side of the extended Camden family, who love their family and also their neighbors.

Why we love One Heavenly Family:

Our Benni, who usually writes newsletters for you, is a bit masochistic. When you watch A Heavenly Family, you definitely have a certain inclination: "The focus is on the life of a conservative pastor's family, which gives you the illusion of an ideal, republican world in which contraceptives play no important role. The children go, of course voluntarily sleep at 8 p.m. and the daughter's new boyfriend is promptly married after the third date with milk and homemade cookies so that after the wedding you can finally pimp out so that you can pass on your moral genes directly to your offspring. So terribly disgusting that it is it's great again!"


The story:

Four friends are looking for the right script for one of them - namely Vincent. Meanwhile, the friendship doesn't end; the other three adapt to Vincent's life and become managers, life coaches and drivers/organizational talents. Actions that affect everyday life and social decisions are pending in this regard.

Why we love Entourage:

Our colleague Stefano raves: "One of the best 30-minute series there is, which is simply fun. Well-rounded characters, beautiful people and good humor. When the credits rolled and the last tears ran down my cheeks, I knew that Entourage is my favorite show." Our insurance expert Conny is also completely in love with Entourage.

You can watch Entourage in HD here.

Gilmore Girls

The story:

Single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her teenage daughter Rory live in a small town called Stars Hollow. Rory brilliantly masters all the problems that accompany a teenager as they grow up and her mother is at her side with advice and support, although she also has to deal with conflicts with her parents. Fabulous and crazy fast dialogues are constant companions of the two Gilmore Girls.

Why we love Gilmore Girls:

"This good series is something very special because, surprisingly, it has no plot at all. The film set of the series consists of a living room and an outdoor filming location with a tree. Nothing happens the whole time and that's why you can see the good one Compare the series with a call to a wrong number when it says: The number you dialed is not in use. The number you dialed is not in use...", says our Benni.

gossip Girl

The story:

New York teenagers living on the Upper East Side become the focus of the anonymous New Yorker Gossip Girl. The blogger tells and publicly presents the life content of her youth. Topics such as family, friendship, love, sex, drugs as well as wealth and poverty are extensively reported.

Why we love Gossip Girl:

No, none of our female colleagues mentioned Gossip Girl - it was Benni: "A really good series; especially when it comes to using all the social clichés: Americans are as hollow as a burst balloon, women are scheming sluts and actors from Hollywood Z-Riege is about as talented as Lothar Matthäus at the English poetry slam."


The story:

CIA analyst Carrie Matthison and her team fight against alleged terror from the Middle East. Wanting to defend the USA, Carrie often resorts to unconventional methods. Suffering from bipolar disorder, Carrie also enters into a romantic relationship with a sleeper. However, through the emotional connection she manages to get Sergeant Brody back on the US side and recruit him as a spy.

Why we love Homeland:

Sometimes sobbing, sometimes cheering, Patricia from the allmaxx editorial team watches the consequences. Homeland grips it like no other good series before it. The love story between Carrie and Brody in particular touches Patricia deeply. Omia vincit amor - love conquers all! Not even Brody's explosive vest stops Carrie from climbing into bed with him over and over again.

You can watch Homeland in HD here.

House of Cards

The story:

The political thriller series in Washington, DC is all about intrigue, character assassination and the only goal: power. On the way from congressman to president of the United States of America, Frank Underwood walks over corpses. His unscrupulous behavior is supported by his beautiful but ice-cold wife Claire.

Why we love House of Cards:

Power, power and more power. Yes, yes, a politician like that with dirt on his hands is sexy. But if we go by that, every politician would be hot, which again isn't true. Heavy like in the good series, that's what happens in Washington and even worse. Conny and Patricia have thus seen through the center of power in the world and are grateful to House of Cards every day. The series not only conveys political tricks, but is also visually high on the list of the best series in the world. Even Obama loves House of Cards, as a tweet proves.

You can watch House of Cards in HD here.

Mad Men

The story:

In New York, Don Draper is the creative director of an advertising agency. The focus of the drama series is his professional and private life, which is controlled by family and several nights of love.

Why we love Mad Men:

The advertising industry of the 60s - Teresa would love to teleport herself back. Not that allmaxx isn't at least as cool, but we probably don't smoke enough for her here. In Mad Men, pretty much all the characters smoke and get their creativity from a glass of whiskey. Don Draper - a womanizer, by the way - is a chain smoker, in case you didn't know. His dark past comes to light more and more with each episode.

You can watch Mad Men in HD here.

Orange is the new black

The story:

The wealthy academic Piper Chapman has to go to women's prison for 15 months because of her past. Her fiancé Larry is now distancing himself more and more from her. The circumstances, which are alien to Piper, reveal a completely new side to her.

Why we love Orange is the new black:

Behind bars - The women's prison just in American. But much more erotic than the German version, because the USA ladies are hotter than their German colleagues ever were. Chiara loves Orange is the new black for a different reason: the good series is incredibly funny, but never banal and the portraits of women are honestly interesting.

Here you can watch Orange is the new black in HD.

The Sopranos

The story:

The organized crime of mafia boss Tony Soprano represents the American reality in New Jersey. Visits to the psychiatrist, violence and business are juxtaposed with difficult decisions that make the ruthless and brutal life disappear. The morality in this life has fallen into indifference.

Why we love The Sopranos:

Sometimes Conny would like to be a mafia boss like Tony Soprano. A double life consisting of a father and an exciting mafioso sounds pretty tempting. We were able to talk Conny out of it.

You can watch The Sopranos in HD here.

True Detective

The story:

In the crime series, a series of murders that took place 17 years ago are solved. The search for the serial killer is opened through reflections and different perspectives. The two detectives leading the investigation face an unpredictable horror from their past.

Why we love True Detective:

Is the question sincere? The entire women's squad is licking their fingers for Matthew McConaughey. He looks super starved in True Detective, but we still wouldn't push him off the edge of the bed. The story is also exciting and deep. Chiara can no longer fall asleep without the soundtrack. Here you will get a treat for your ears.

You can watch True Detective in HD here.

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When, if not now, in winter do we cling to the screen and watch TV series that make our pulse beat faster.

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