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“The Bloodline” by Cody McFadyen

“The Bloodline” by Cody McFadyen

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A story that won't let you go!

General short description

FBI agent Smoky Barrett doesn't have an easy time of it. She recently witnessed how a brutal killer tortured and then killed her beloved husband and daughter in her presence. And now she's on a plane to San Francisco, where her friend from university days, Annie King, has also been brutally murdered. Even worse, the perverted killer chained Annie's young daughter — her godson — to the rotting corpse for three days before tipping off the police. Worst of all, he left a message for Barrett. It's a letter in which he announces new murders and claims to be a direct (blood) descendant of Jack The Ripper!

Our opinion

Murder, blood, ruthlessness - these are the most appropriate words for Cody McFadyen's thriller book series. Smoky Barrett and her FBI team hunt the worst criminals, and that doesn't mean a bad guy with armed robbery, but the kind of person you'd rather banish to the world of scary fairy tales. They enjoy killing and they enjoy torturing people. Serial killers who stop at nothing. Cody McFadyen describes the game of these monsters in great detail, which makes you really feel like you have the iron smell of blood in the room in some scenes. The story is gripping and touches all the senses. The debut of the thriller series is more than successful and leaves you wanting more - goosebumps are guaranteed !

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