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The 7 coolest fitness apps

The 7 coolest fitness apps

The cell phone as a personal trainer

More and more students are not without their smartphones, even when doing sports. With songs in your ears, physical exertion becomes easier. Because time and rhythm can help to mentally structure movements and the sense of time. With some streaming providers and virtual media libraries you will find playlists specifically for jogging, working out in the studio or yoga class. But apps also support your physical activity. New and good: fitness apps.

Running apps

They come surprisingly close to the idea of ​​an intelligent and personal running companion.

By paying attention to the apps' hints and motivational kicks, the body's signals can be lost. In order to be more conscious about how you use it, you should run once a month without music or measurement. Your own assessment of the distance you have run and the speed you have reached is a good training for your patience and helps you feel better about your body.

  • saves the route you have run on a map and provides information about the calories burned. It presents a chronicle of all previous successes in the “History”. The app uses NFC to share results or recommendations for suitable routes with other users. Runtastic enables athletes to share their projects on social networks and friends to cheer on the athletes via headphones. So you can battle each other on Facebook!
  • Caledos Runner measures distance, speed, time and calories. If the jogger is on a pre-saved route, the app shows their current position. The app also measures the pulse, provided the user has the compatible measuring device. Data transmission takes place via Bluetooth. Caledos pairs well with RunKeeper.
  • RunKeeper shows users who are running, walking, riding or cycling using GPS tracking how fast and where they are moving. The app provides clear statistics about sporting activities. If desired, training instructions can be provided via the headphones. Best times get a special marker in the archived training history.
  • Zombie, Run! is an exciting game that also provides the basic measurement functions of other fitness apps via GPS and accelerometer. While running, the user listens to audio recordings that gradually reveal a story. He has the opportunity to take part in a hunt for zombies. If you don't run fast enough, you will succumb to your nasty pursuers and lose points. Students can use these apps particularly cheaply, for example when they surf mobile with netzclub.

Workout apps

  • Barbara Becker's app for Pilates offers sixteen separate exercises with videos and explanations that can be selected on a clear turntable. The performances last forty-four minutes each and show Miss Becker with her personal trainer. Everyone can put together their own individual program by freely designing the order. The aim is to train coordination and posture. The problem areas of the stomach, legs and buttocks are particularly stressed. Afterwards, strutting around campus is really fun
  • Nike Training Club contains sixty workouts. Each exercise is also available as a video. The upgrade from “Drill Seeker” to “Guru” has a motivating effect depending on performance. The level of difficulty of the fitness program adapts to the current status.
  • In the Office-Fit app, physiotherapist Daniela Vogeley shows more than sixty exercises for loosening, relaxation and mobility on the office chair. The videos are specially designed for overly diligent students who are tied to their desks for hours and often suffer from tension, back pain and stress from sitting for long periods of time.

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