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The 5 winter holiday types

The 5 winter holiday types

Photo credit: Gellinger

Winter is sweeping across the country and while some people hardly want to venture outside the door, for others there is nothing better than feeling the cold wind on your face. Especially during the holiday season, there are clear differences between those who want to escape winter and those who love it more than anything.

Ice or hot – 5 ways to enjoy the winter

Basically, a distinction can be made between 5 winter holiday types (female and male). There is the winter sports enthusiast, the cozy one, the winter escapee, the winter party animal and the winter romantic.

The winter sports enthusiast

He/she can never get enough of outdoor activities and would love to spend the entire winter holiday standing at the Tyrolean ski lift. Whether snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing or igloo building – action is the order of the day! However, what should never be missing when it comes to winter fun is the right equipment. Winter sports enthusiasts are style people and not only have the latest boards and skis, but also need suitable, warm clothing that can sometimes have a Burton or Carhartt badge dangling from it.

The cozy one

Anyone who prefers to take a more relaxed approach to winter and wants to survive the holiday unscathed instead of doing risky stunts in the halfpipe is one of those who are comfortable . Wellness, massages and relaxed dinners are right for these people. For them, winter is a time of relaxation when you can treat yourself to this or that. A luxury weekend in Stralsund , a visit to a musical followed by a city trip in Hamburg or extensive winter clothing shopping for your loved ones. Even at 100°C in the sauna, there won't be any beads of sweat on your forehead.

The winter escaper

Things are completely different for winter escapees . Even at the first cold snap, they wish they were far away and dream of sun and beach. In this case there is only one solution: book a trip to the south . No matter whether Lisbon, Tenerife or Istanbul, the main thing is to get out of cold Germany and get some warmth. While there is black ice at home, these people want to pet camels.

The winter party animal

The winter holidays are for celebrating, that's what the winter party animals think and declare après-ski to be their motto. Our lions can also be seen on the slopes with the latest snowboards and top clothing brands . After all, the party-loving crowd first has to be dressed with good looks. When the party crowd is found, the lions unpack their technology. Because what is a celebration without good music? Laptops, speakers, headphones and smartphones, everything is included and of course the camera for the party selfie shouldn't be missing either.

The winter romantic

When thick, white snowflakes float down outside the window and a fire crackles in the fireplace, it's the perfect time for winter romantics . After the winter walk, a romantic dinner and a massage for two will end the day. This is how romantics imagine their winter vacation. Your favorite music is playing on your laptop , because what could be better than singing together by candlelight?!

Ski bunny or ramp pig? Cuddling by the fireplace or hanging out in the sauna? Or run away to the south? Here are our 5 types of winter vacationers. Check out which ones you belong to!

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