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“The dative is the death of the genitive” by Bastian Sick

“The dative is the death of the genitive” by Bastian Sick

The book

A book about the German language – doesn’t that have to be a know-it-all book? Far from it: Bastian Sick recommends our linguistic inaccuracies with a wink when he talks about “Germany, your apostrophes” and “Stop making sense!” and “fried potatoes and fried egg” comes up. It's fun to be guided acoustically by Bastian Sick and his alter ego, the actor Rudolf Kowalski, through the valley of death of the genitive and past linguistic pitfalls.

My opinion

“Only shit comes out of your mouth” does not necessarily always have a contextual reference - for example as a reaction when the wife once again tries to justify the pair of shoes number 76 she bought - it can also be used grammatically. Namely with questions like “Whose pen is that?”. The editors of Duden would probably lose their glass while having an afternoon digestif in the fireplace room. The protagonists of the documentary series “Mitten im Leben” would probably hardly show any emotion. But can you really blame people for the fact that hardly anyone speaks their native German language without mistakes? Because let's be honest: there's plenty of nonsense out there (or is it called enough? Or enough?). And it is precisely this meaning and nonsense of the German language that the book “The dative is the death of the genitive - a guide through the maze of the German language” deals with: a pinch of humor, a pinch of irony, a pinch of raised teacher's index finger & a pinch Aha effect. Together, this creates a “delicious” audio book, ideal for those 20 minutes in the morning while you drag yourself out of bed or when you’re sitting at the dining table in the kitchen with a fag and coffee.

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