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Your student life organized and optimized with apps

Your student life organized and optimized with apps

Apps here, apps there. Some students get lost in their numerous apps when they look at their smartphone. It doesn't have to be that way - quite the opposite. They can actually help organize the chaotic everyday student life. But where are the limits, what is normal?

Nowadays, studying is no longer so easy. Students are increasingly under time pressure. It is important to use options to master certain tasks in a minimum of time. Even the competitive pressure at university allows students to become inventive. The technology – always optimized – also optimizes the student. Crain is a self-optimizer who perfects his life with the help of apps, among other things. His work is subject to voluntary quality control using computer programs. Crain uses an internet service to check whether he actually regularly reads his books in his free time and how reliably he learns Turkish. He even has his brain activity measured while he sleeps, the data from which is transmitted to his smartphone. Everything in the spirit of optimization – the perfect person! It's pretty crazy what's possible. Read for yourself in DIE ZEIT how his life is completely technological and optimized.

It is therefore possible for apps to set appointments themselves, monitor personal finances or give users advice on running training. “The smartphone wakes its owner an hour earlier than usual. Since he had three dinner invitations yesterday, he should run ten laps around the park before heading to work. Otherwise the weight loss plan cannot be adhered to.” An article from DIE WELT amused us on the one hand and made us think on the other. Are we becoming part of CyberSpace, is technology controlling us, or are these all subtle measures that the NSA uses to control us?

In any case, we started looking for apps that organize your everyday student life - just organize it

Our favourite:

StudentLife : calendar application and organizer. Clear overview and easy planning of all lessons, lectures, homework, projects, presentations, sports activities, holidays and all the other events in student life. Also sync, import your own images, custom events (e.g. sick days), passcode backup.

Our other tips:

Evernote: Easily record lectures! With Evernote you can store images, text and audio files in notebooks. Not enough, because content can be tagged and found again using a search function.

UPAD: With this app, PDFs can be filled in, documents can be filled out by hand directly on the iPad or written with a pen but without paper during the lecture.

KNO: Here you can buy digital copies of your textbooks for half the price. Carrying heavy books is now a thing of the past! The user can also take notes and mark places on the digital book.

UniApps : UniApps offer collections of formulas and multiple choice tests on various subject areas (currently mechanical engineering and economics). These apps are useful for repeating and memorizing formulas and facts.

Jodel - Hyperlocal Community: One of the most important apps for students and it doesn't even have anything to do with the university. On this app you will (actually) only find students who share funny short stories from their lives. But this app is also great if you spontaneously feel like having a beer and none of your friends have time or you want to borrow something, because with Jodel you can directly address people in your area. A great app, but be careful, addictive!

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