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Your long-distance bus: cheap, fast, reliable

Your long-distance bus: cheap, fast, reliable

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If the GDL goes on strike, long-distance bus providers will be happy. As of today, hundreds of train connections have been canceled for the entire weekend due to the industrial action by German train drivers. Travelers are stuck or have to improvise. This includes students who actually just want to go home after their first week at university in the new semester.

In these cases, more and more people are switching to the offers of long-distance bus companies. Bus companies recorded up to 20 percent more bookings during the last strike. Labor disputes are not the only reason why bus providers of the good old railway are slowly poaching customers.

Delays, high prices and complicated connections are anything but exciting for travelers. In addition, long-distance buses have worked hard on their image: from free Wi-Fi to magazines to extra legroom - the around 40 bus companies compete for customers with many extras. Incidentally, this has only been the case for 1 ½ years - long-distance bus transport in Germany was liberalized and providers sprouted like mushrooms.

Reach your destination quickly and cheaply

What many people don't know is that long-distance buses are not only often cheaper than the train, but on some connections they are also faster because you don't have to change. If a long-distance bus trip costs around 5 euros per 100 kilometers, the train price for the same is between 13 and 25 euros. And like so often in life: the sooner you book your ticket, the cheaper it gets. Anyone traveling as a student can also benefit from the student discount on long-distance buses, regardless of the existing low price.

Find the best connection with just a few clicks:

With over 40 providers, it becomes difficult to keep track of which bus company goes where and how much it costs. However, comparison portals offer a solution here. Simply enter the departure point and destination and you will see all connections with the corresponding prices at a glance . The ReisenFuchs , for example, offers a well-functioning search with a web portal and app.

At ReisenFuchs you can search all the connections from all providers at once. This way you can quickly and easily compare all offers and always find the cheapest trip.

Which are the largest providers of long-distance buses?

Who is currently on the long-distance bus market? We have done some research and will give you an overview of the currently largest providers:


Probably one of the most popular providers with over 5,000 connections. Flixbus achieves this primarily through cooperation with various partner companies.

ADAC Postbus

Still relatively new on the market. Tickets are available on the website as well as in post offices and ADAC offices in the area around the cities served.

Berlin LinienBus

We know it because it is one of the oldest long-distance bus operators. Unfortunately, the line network is very limited to Berlin as a departure and arrival point.


Lure your customers with discounts, currently e.g. 15% early bird discount or 10% student discount.

Usually only the right choice if you want to travel in southern and western Germany (e.g. from Munich to Frankfurt, Stuttgart is also served).


If you want to travel by bus within Europe, Eurolines is probably the right provider for you. However, Eurolines has also been significantly expanding its national offerings for some time now.

Even before liberalization, was founded in Berlin in 2011, so this provider already serves many cities, including smaller ones!

IC bus

The railway has also quietly and secretly started to build its own bus brand, which can be found on With the Bahncard 25, some connections are available from just EUR 14.

You can find more offers with student discounts here .

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