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The ultimate fear bingo with the weirdest phobias

The ultimate fear bingo with the weirdest phobias

Fear is not nice, but it is human. Everyone has it. In front of a wide variety of things. And you should never make fun of it. But unfortunately there are really really funny fears. Because there is a phobia for pretty much everything and a technical term for pretty much every phobia . So now here for you, exclusively, the ultimate fear bingo! If this weren't a public, well-off blog, you could even call it a top drinking game. But it is. So let's not do that. Still works.

If you don't know directly what arachibutyrophobia or hypertrichophobia is, you will find the legend below with an explanation in alphabetical order. But actually the technical terms are self-explanatory...

Aichmophobia: the fear of points - but punctuation is overrated anyway

Allodoxaphobia: the fear of having an opinion – can lead to problems when studying the humanities and social sciences

Arachibutyrophobia: the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth - we didn't make that up...

Arithmophobia: the fear of numbers – be careful when studying math

Asymmetryphobia: the fear of asymmetrical things - beware of emos

Aulophobia: the fear of flutes – beware of... flutes

Bargainophobia: the fear of sales – most likely a male-exclusive phenomenon

Bibliophobia: the fear of books – thank God there are ebooks

Dextrophobia: the fear of things on the right side of the body - only recommended for left-handers

Ergophobia: the fear of work – long live the study period!

Friggaphobia: the fear of Fridays - that can't actually be true.

Geniophobia: the fear of a chin – why??

Genuphobia: the fear of the knee – but why???

Gnosiophobia: the fear of knowledge – you should definitely get treated before the first week

Graphophobia: the fear of writing/handwriting – thank god for laptops

Hypertrichophobia: the fear of hair – virtually eradicated in student circles

Ideophobia: the fear of ideas - simply move on familiar territory for your bachelor's thesis

Kinetophobia: the fear of movement or moving - more acute in students in the early afternoon

Lachanophobia: the fear of vegetables – since organic in has been on the decline

Levophobia: the fear of things on the left side of the body - only recommended for right-handed people

Logophobia: the fear of words or languages ​​or of studying - well, you should face your fears, right?

Nomatophobia: the fear of names – a real problem for onomastics students!

Novercaphobia: the fear of the stepmother - but she really means well!

Octophobia: the fear of an 8-shaped object - how do you actually discover something like that?

Papaphobia: the fear of the Pope - so Ratze definitely had emperor bonds, but Francis is really cuddly?!

Patroiophobia: the fear of inheriting – that is simply incomprehensible

Phronemophobia: the fear of thoughts – thank god for tinfoil hats

Pogonophobia: the fear of beards – but do you really want to know what it looks like underneath?

Pteronophobia: the fear of being tickled with feathers or of feathers - a real problem, the number of unreported cases is huge!

Santaclausophobia: the fear of Christmas, Santa Claus – are you already looking forward to the 27th?

Sesquipedalophobia: the fear of long words – author comprehension deficit (by the way, the fear of long words has 18 letters. Just saying…)

Sophophobia: the fear of learning - it's lucky that the exam time is so short

Symmetrophobia: the fear of symmetry - as long as you avoid palindromes and all remotely mathematical courses, no problem

Syngenesophobia: the fear of relatives - particularly pronounced on holidays. Are you already looking forward to the 27th?

Testophobia: the fear of exams – not nice. Not nice at all.

Verbophobia: the fear of words - that's why computer science and mechanical engineering were invented.

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