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You should keep this in mind when taking out BU insurance

You should keep this in mind when taking out BU insurance

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Why is this an important topic? What should you pay attention to? We have tips for you to make the right choice!

As a student, possible occupational disability is usually a very abstract scenario. As a young, healthy person, you can't actually imagine that the topic is relevant to you. At BU, however, the aim is to protect against the risk that you will be able to work full-time in your job throughout your entire professional career until you retire . So you have to maintain your health until you are 67 years old.

For example, if you become unable to work at the age of 57, you will have to go through 10 years without income and then only have a reduced pension because you will not be paying into the pension insurance for 10 years. 10 years of missing academic salary and reduced pension are an enormous financial loss. BU insurance protects against such a scenario.

Individual BU tariffs

The following factors are decisive for the cost of insurance:

• the agreed pension amount

• the age of entry

• the job

• your own state of health

Students with a low starting age, a generally low-risk job and good health can get very good tariff offers. Very low pension levels can also be agreed upon at the start , which should then be adjusted later as income increases. Entry-level tariffs for students start at 10 EURO per month.

The insurers offer different solutions when it comes to the question of which “profession” they classify the students into . Either you are classified as a student and can then become unfit for work if you can no longer study for health reasons, or you are classified into the profession you want to pursue.

You should note this:

It is important that the agreed tariff contains a “subsequent insurance guarantee” . This enables the pension amount to be adjusted later. This means you can adapt the insurance cover to your own needs without any further health checks.

In addition, an “abstract reference” should be excluded in the tariff. If this is not the case, the insurer can refer the insured person to other possible professions that may still be feasible due to their health. Regardless of whether you actually find a job there, the insurance doesn't pay in this case.

The agreed pension amount should always be agreed so that the current living costs and, if necessary, even small contributions to your own pension provision can be met. This can quickly increase when you start a family or buy a property, for example. Then it is important that you can adjust the selected tariff accordingly.

There is a special feature to consider for anyone who may want to pursue a career in civil service after completing their studies. Then the insurance must also include incapacity for work. Incapacity for work and incapacity for work are not always the same thing and the insurance may not pay for a tariff without an incapacity for work clause.


  • Do not hide any illnesses or illnesses in the health questionnaire
  • Compare not only contributions, but above all the contract conditions
  • you should not complete:
    • Contracts that exclude insurance coverage for certain illnesses
    • Contracts without a “subsequent insurance guarantee”
    • Contracts with abstract reference

Anyone who has health problems - even if it is “just” an allergy - should carry out an anonymous preliminary risk inquiry with several insurers before taking out the contract. Otherwise you may be rejected or have to pay high surcharges. This must be done through an insurance advisor or broker.

For anyone who is still fit and healthy, it is a good idea to take out a policy with a direct insurer. The tariffs here are often significantly cheaper than those of providers that you can take out through a broker or intermediary. However, you also have to live with the fact that if you have problems you don't have a direct personal contact person, but have to deal with an anonymous call center.

We took a look at the most important direct insurers and tested them in the allmaxx BU insurance comparison .

Further information on the subject of BU insurance can be found on our website or from our team of advisors.
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