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The ties 1×1

The ties 1×1

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The history of the tie is long. In ancient Rome, men tied scarves around their necks. The tie gets its name from the French. They thought the white scarves worn by Croatian mercenaries were so chic. Louis XIV commissioned a cravatier to present him with a selection of such scarves every day. This laid the foundation for the tie fashion – “à la cravate”. The tie as we know it today is usually 145 cm long and between 7 and 9 cm wide.

Since the 18th century, over 80 types of binding have emerged. Today, the well-known Windsor knot is enough to stay stylish. Depending on where you work or where you want to go professionally, you may (have to) wear a tie with your shirt. We'll tell you the most important facts you should keep in mind when wearing a tie.

Shirt – tie or tie – shirt?

Lothar Matthäus said one thing: “The shoes must always match the belt!” The same goes for the tie. When choosing a tie, you should consider whether it matches your shirt. The second question asks about the buttons on the shirt. If you don't want to appear flashy, never open more than the top two buttons on your shirt.

Which tie patterns are allowed?

It doesn't always have to be the run-of-the-mill tie with diagonal stripes. But the following applies: the more “bourgeois” the company, the stricter the business dress code and therefore the more classic the tie. Paisleys and checks always work too. In small-minded corporate cultures, it's better not to wear anything big-checked. Speaking of checkered: Never combine a checked shirt with a striped tie… and not the other way around :)

What colors can my tie wear?

The same applies here again: the tie must fit harmoniously with the rest of your outfit. Strong tones such as dark blue, wine red and brown are inconspicuous. Pastel tones work anytime and anywhere. Black suits an evening event best. For example, if you work in a relaxed working environment or in a creative profession, you can be more confident. Multicolor ties, among other things, are very popular here. After all, the tie can also be used to express one's personality.

How do I tie my tie?

Tie knots must always be freshly tied and positioned correctly. Whether Windsor, Pratt or Kent – ​​there are numerous knot shapes you can choose from, with the double Windsor having become established in the classic business environment. If you learn the four-in-hand - or the "simple knot" - you are doing everything right.

What tie length is appropriate?

The tip of the tie ends at the level of the belt buckle and never at the belly button or above! A tie that hangs down to the fly is more likely to cause laughter. Make sure that the narrower end of the tie does not stick out from behind the wide one. High-quality ties have a loop on the inside through which the short end is threaded.

What do I pay attention to at lunch?

If you want to demonstrate etiquette, take off your tie while eating and put it rolled up in the pocket of your jacket. This way you don't run the risk of the tie dipping into your soup or sauce. By the way, tucking the tie into the shirt with the buttons open is a no-go.

How many ties does a man need?

With a student budget, no one expects you to buy five ties - a new one for every day of the week. However, it is advisable to have at least three high-quality ties in your wardrobe so that you can change them and have time to clean your loyal companions.

If you have to wear a business outfit in your job or in your desired profession, we have the DOs and DON'Ts for you.

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