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“Intestine with Charm: Everything about an underestimated organ” by Giulia Enders

“Intestine with Charm: Everything about an underestimated organ” by Giulia Enders

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About the book

Of all things, the intestines! The black sheep among the organs that has previously been rather unpleasant. But this image will change. Obesity, depression and allergies are linked to a disturbed balance in the intestinal flora. Conversely, this means: If we want to feel good in our bodies, live longer and be happier, we have to take care of our gut. At least that's what the latest research suggests. In this book, the young scientist Giulia Enders happily explains what a highly complex and wonderful organ the intestine is. It is the key to a healthy body and a healthy mind and gives us a whole new view through the back door.

My opinion

Anyone who knows me a little more closely will know that this book is written on my heart and soul. Although I'm not as crazy as Charlotte Roche (I've already taken “wetlands” a bit to my heart), I still like to have extensive small talk about the digestive system, preferably at Christmas or Easter in the familiar circle of the family. What else should you talk about with your hunchbacked relatives?! And let's be honest: we all poop out of the same hole, so this topic should generally be in everyone's interest.

After “listening” to this book, I realized how little we actually know about the human intestine, this little magical machine. Every day he performs real miracles, but apart from the result in the toilet bowl, little attention is paid to him. The medical facts, peppered with funny anecdotes, give “Intestines with Charm” the perfect mix of objectivity and amusement. Only Giulia Enders' somewhat squawking voice weighs on your gut a little after a while.

Curious about stories from your gut? Click here for the free audio book

Our book tip of the week is “Intestine with Charm” by Giulia Enders.

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