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Checklist for the semester abroad

Checklist for the semester abroad

For many degree programs, a semester abroad is an important factor or even an integral part of their career. Companies value the language skills that are acquired. However, not only the country in which the semester abroad is spent should be carefully chosen. The stay itself should also be planned carefully. Then you can start planning your trip.

The first steps

The country and a university should be selected with a lead time of six to twelve months. It must be checked whether the admission requirements are met and whether the courses are counted here. A leave of absence can already be submitted at this point. It is important to clarify whether proof of language skills is necessary and whether letters of motivation, recommendation or reference must be submitted. In some countries, such as the USA, it is necessary to submit financial confirmation in advance. In this way, universities can be sure that the semester fees are paid. The SEVIS database is available for this purpose. This “Student and Exchange Visitor Information System” records all students and their data. However, the financial confirmation is issued by the house bank and must be in English. It also requires an official stamp. The amount required is determined by the relevant university. However, you do not have to have your own financial resources available; it is sufficient if the money comes from your parents or grandparents and there is confirmation that the money will be made available. Once this is done, the application documents should be submitted to the university of your choice.

Initiate the semester abroad

Insurance companies such as health insurance should be informed about the stay abroad approximately six months before the semester abroad. The outward flight or journey should also be booked now. If the place of study is in Europe, the means of transport can be easily compared online, for example on , a travel price comparison provider. Now you should also take care of an apartment. About three months before the start of the semester, your own apartment should be sublet or rented out, and contracts that are no longer needed abroad should be terminated. The contracts that continue to exist or other obligations should be covered by standing orders. If you don't yet have a credit card, you should apply for one now. In some circumstances it may also make sense to open an account in the relevant country. Now all that's left to do before setting off is to equip your suitcases with the appropriate wardrobe for the country.

What should you do if you want to go abroad to study? To ensure that your semester abroad actually comes to fruition, you can find our checklist here!

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