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Study books with the help of abstracts

Study books with the help of abstracts

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You're probably familiar with this: you wander through the bookstore and library and see numerous books that you've actually wanted to read for a long time. The biography of Steve Jobs, for example, or a classic by Bertold Brecht.

In addition, your professor's literature list is not exactly short and you have to limit yourself to a few works. What if you could access a large library of professional multi-page book summaries?

Understand the core idea of ​​a book in less than 10 minutes

The provider getAbstract has just such a collection and will give you the core idea and most important points of a book in less than 10 minutes. Each summary is around 5 pages long - just the right length to be able to understand the essence of the text without digressing. We were impressed by both the quality of the summaries and the range of books listed: several thousand works (mainly business books and literary classics) are already available, and 50 more bestsellers are added every month.

Each abstract was written by an experienced business journalist who also writes for newspapers such as the New York Times, FAZ or Financial Times.

Try getAbstract

To try out getAbstract's service, you can simply download a free title for free. If you liked it, allmaxx gives you the opportunity to take out a 6-month student subscription for a total of 75 euros. You save 100 euros compared to the normal price for a subscription.

We have five recommendations for you with summaries of books that will help you achieve more serenity, self-confidence and calm:

Our five abstract recommendations from the area of ​​“stress management and well-being”

1. Self-confidence

Healthy self-confidence is the basis for all areas of life: relationships, health and career - it plays a role everywhere with how self-esteem we present ourselves and how comfortable we feel in our own skin. Christian Bischoff addresses all areas and shows ways to actively work on your own self-confidence.

2. Speak and present without fear

Presentations are now an almost daily tool both at university and at work. Almost every second person is afraid of it. With this book you will learn how to successfully overcome fear of speaking or presentations and which strategies you can practice directly in practice.

3. How to achieve more when we want less

The book clearly explains the state of “wu wie” – a skill that in China focuses on simultaneous activity and relaxation. You learn that success doesn't always come with stress, but sometimes comes from wanting less.

4. Meditation for busy people

You know it all too well: the hamster wheel spins and spins and you don't have time to look left and right alongside all the tasks. But what happens if you take this time? Meditation for busy people proves that just a few minutes a day can contribute to greater performance, creativity and happiness in life. Theory and practice are very well interlinked, so there are many simple meditative exercises for beginners as well as a CD with guided meditations.

5. The power lies in the middle

This book also deals with the aspect of meditation, but focuses particularly on so-called Zen exercises that lead to more peace and serenity. The author is aimed at all those who would like to use spiritual exercises to make better use of their own core competencies and to gain confidence and persuasiveness.

You have to roll fat ham and you don't actually have time to read all of this? We'll tell you how you can manage to know the entire book and only have to read 5 pages.

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