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Bibster is the student hipster

Bibster is the student hipster

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Excerpt from the Life of a Bibster

Jonathan is mercilessly torn from his sleep. The display on his alarm clock reads 9 a.m. and the previous night of partying is still very much in his bones. Jonathan, who comes from a small community in Rhineland-Westphalia, oh sorry, Rhineland-Palatinate, and moved to the capital Berlin to study social sciences, still has a lot planned for today. At 11 a.m. he wanted to start working through the last two months of his lectures in the new university library at HU Berlin, the Grimm Center. But this requires some preparation. Still a little dazed, he placed both feet on the wooden floor of the shared room, which had not been mopped since he moved in, and walked towards the kitchen to get the much-needed first boost of energy with a deep sip of Club Mate. Now it's time to get dressed.

A bibster doesn't just wear any clothes

At the Grimm Center, comfortable sweatpants have long been out of fashion - those who dress individually are in fashion. However, no hipster likes to hear the word hipster. That's why we try to avoid this word and paraphrase it. Jonathan doesn't have a closet - his clothes hang unsorted on two clothes rails next to each other. For today in the BIB, the choice falls on tight trousers, black ankle boots, a checked shirt that is two sizes too big and a khaki-colored trench coat. Adorned with a beard and a wild hairstyle, nothing stands in the way of appearing in the BIB. Even if he doesn't want to be a hipster, he's definitely a bibster.

Do you want to recreate the look of a hipster – er, sorry, bibster?

For the male creature:

Slim trousers

Ankle boots

Check shirt

Trench coat

For the Bibster in female:



crop top

Extra long trench coat

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