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Staying abroad – more than language

Staying abroad – more than language

How do you convince a potential employer of your suitability as a recent graduate? How can you stand out from the crowd and prove yourself?

Employers ideally want a young employee between the ages of 20 and 30 who has at least 10 years of professional experience, because young professionals are hardly given a chance to enter the professional world. Because training time associated with expenses is not worthwhile. What's left? Merely good academic performance is no longer convincing. But how can you, as a beginner, acquire skills and gain practical experience in order to impress the employer?

Students often decide to stay abroad during or after their studies. This ensures intercultural skills, valuable international experience and fluent language skills .

As an international language provider, EF Sprachreisen offers trips abroad with language courses starting from 2 weeks . Valuable international contacts and excellent learning progress are guaranteed. Improving or learning new languages ​​in Japanese, Italian, English, French and many other languages ​​is no problem. Traveling to Tokyo, Los Angeles, Cape Town or Paris makes this possible. From the intensive course to deepen your language skills, to the exam course to prepare for a recognized language exam, to Business English to learn in-depth knowledge for everyday international working life, everything is included.

Immersing yourself in a new culture doesn't just mean learning the language , but also living and experiencing it. A variety of experiences, such as excursions and events at the course location, make your heart beat faster because of the experiences you have acquired.

In addition, EF Sprachreisen offers numerous internship areas . These take place in well-known companies such as BBC (TV/journalism), Hilton Hotel (hotel and tourism) or in the Physical Gym (fitness and health).

After your stay abroad, the foreign language has been intensified or learned anew, professional experience has been gained and you are ready to give the application folder with the documents a new level of design and show the potential employer that you are experienced and cosmopolitan .

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