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“Anna, the school and the good Lord…” by Richard David Precht

“Anna, the school and the good Lord…” by Richard David Precht

About the book

“An educational revolution is needed!” demands the philosopher and best-selling author Richard David Precht. New teachers, new methods and better coexistence at school are needed; further educational reforms are useless.

In this book, Precht writes that students today are provided with too much useless knowledge that they will hardly need in their lives. They are raised to be followers of society instead of individuals. The author criticizes the promotion of students' interest, creativity and team spirit, which Precht sees as an enormous problem for the development of society. Because these areas are all closely linked to one another: interest leads to creativity, which in turn leads to creativity and inventiveness, which later lead to a strong personality. A criticism of the education system, society and politics in general.

My opinion

After reading Precht’s “Who am I – and if so, how many?” with great enthusiasm. and “The Art of Not Being Egoist”, I was excited last year about his latest stroke of genius “Anna, the School and the Good Lord: The Education System’s Betrayal of Our Children”. No, I don't have any children of my own yet. Since I am able to study today thanks to my high school diploma, I wanted to look into Precht's intellectual outpourings and find out what he had to say about education. And tada – I found his work to be good! Opinions may differ on the statements, but “Anna, the school and the love of God…” nonetheless encourages critical thinking. Many students will be able to imagine their time at school and compare it with their time at university. I don't agree with all of Precht's statements. What I get from his book is that we should question the information we are given. Be it at school, during studies or through the media. For example, sitting down while studying, just being diligent and learning by heart might get you great grades. But the brilliant grades and your degree should not be the only goal why you sit down for lectures. Don't just absorb the knowledge, but get to the bottom of the content and take your own stand.

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