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Reckoning with Valentine's Day

Reckoning with Valentine's Day

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It's that time again: The media wants to put rose-colored glasses on you with all their might, because February 14, 2014 is here. As if Christmas, Easter, name day, birthday, St. Nicholas, baptism, wedding anniversary, first bowel movement after constipation, etc. weren't enough, in recent years Valentine's Day has increasingly established itself as another date where you simply can't do without “buying a gift”. . For some it's a beautiful thing, for others it's an insidious trick of the bloodsucking retail trade. Capitalism at its best, says the Newfoundlander.

But what do all the couples do who just argue every day anyway? Or those who spend Valentine's Day with an XXL Ben & Jerry's cup? The answer is very clear: buy it anyway, you assholes! Because if you can't celebrate Valentine's Day in the classic way with Love, Peace & Harmony, you should at least celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day . The best way to do this is with delicious delicacies for yourself (so that you can celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day for the next 8 Valentine's Day); with offers that ensure that you don't leave your home for the next few weeks, for example on Sky , or you subtly allude to the lack of initiative. For example, by tricking you into giving you a €10 voucher from Adultshop .

No matter how you twist and turn it; Whether single, married or in a relationship: there's no getting around Valentine's Day these days. <3

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