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5 signs you have a healthy relationship

5 signs you have a healthy relationship

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Everyone knows it: the feeling when you get closer to each other for the first time:

Your heart beats faster, it crackles a lot, your stomach starts to tingle. No condition, nothing material comes close to this feeling. And even if falling in love is one of the most beautiful things in a person's life , this feeling does not determine the existence and happiness of a relationship.

A few months later, you often know intuitively whether the partnership feels good or not so good and what could come of it. However, listening to this intuition is often not that easy today, because the media and Hollywood in particular do a lot to give us a very distorted image of “happy relationships”. We have collected five clear signs that can make a healthy relationship:

You laugh together!

Simple but true. Healthy relationships are fun. It's not for nothing that humor is one of the most sought-after qualities when choosing a partner. Happy couples like to lose themselves in laughter orgies together and infect others with their good mood. Even if you don't always feel like laughing in life , it's important that you feel comfortable with each other and enjoy sharing your time together.

You love yourself first and foremost

This may sound paradoxical, but it makes perfect sense. The moment you start to give yourself love, attention and appreciation, you reflect this to your environment and especially your partner. This has nothing to do with selfishness or anything like that. It's more about knowing your own needs and taking them seriously. People who neglect this automatically attract partners into their lives who also don't respect them . True to the motto: “You don’t need to respect and respect me, I don’t even do this myself...!”

You don't care about your partner's cell phone

…. or rather: the SMS on it. The value “trust” may sound a bit trite, but it is essential when it comes to healthy relationships . Not trusting each other and constantly spying on each other is not only exhausting, but a clear indication that something fundamental is wrong and that you should talk about it.

You don't mince words

Speaking of speaking: This may also sound like a typical cliché, but it is one of the most important characteristics of a flourishing relationship: you talk about problems instead of keeping quiet about them . Anything else usually leads to more and more frustration in the long term, which one eats into oneself until it can no longer be done. Then it bursts out of one of them and suddenly the small problem from the other day has turned into a huge mountain of drama that the other person can hardly absorb.

You say “thank you” and “please”

Sometimes it's the little things that show you what a relationship is like. Maybe you also know couples whose togetherness has become a given. You look for mutual appreciation in vain. Questions reach the other person like demands.

However, a smiling “thank you” or “please” shows the other person that you recognize and appreciate their gesture. Oh look , it works ;-)

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