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5 options for a stay abroad

5 options for a stay abroad

In addition to a good degree and practical experience, a stay abroad is a good opportunity to enhance your CV and thus create good conditions for your job search after your studies. In addition, a stay abroad is a good opportunity to give yourself a break and explore the world before the seriousness of life begins. After studying, it won't be so easy anymore once you're tied down by work and possible family planning.

The 5 most popular options for studying abroad:

1) Study abroad via the Erasmus program

A semester or year abroad via the Erasmus program is very popular with students because the costs and effort are very low and you can even have your studies abroad credited. Erasmus scholarship holders do not have to pay study fees abroad and receive monthly funding of up to EUR 300. Those entitled to BAföG can also apply for BAföG abroad for their studies abroad. Simply find out about the partner universities from your faculty. Alternatively, you can also contact theErasmus coordinators at your university.

2) Language courses abroad

Language trips are ideal for combining vacation and language courses during the semester break. The advantage of language trips compared to a weekly language course is that you are surrounded by the language 24 hours a day and therefore achieve faster learning success. To learn to speak the language perfectly, you should stay there longer. You can also combine the language stay with an internship or language exam such as TOEFL. There are many language travel providers, but the largest and best known is EF Education First .

3) Internship abroad

An internship abroad is a good opportunity to gain international and professional experience in an international environment. In addition, an internship abroad on your CV shows employers that you are independent and can assert yourself in a foreign environment. These are all brilliant plus points that can make the difference in your application. You can either organize your internship abroad yourself or you can look for an agent who will not only help you find an internship, but also with accommodation and other formalities.

4) Work & Travel

Freeeeedom – nothing gives a greater feeling of freedom than Work & Travel! While you travel through Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA, you earn pocket money through odd jobs. Not only will you gain unique experiences, but you will also make new friends. A love abroad is not out of the question. If you are interested in Work & Travel, you should first find out about the visa regulations and the maximum age for the travel country. Before your trip, you should also create a checklist so that you don't forget anything (such as insurance ).

5) Volunteering

In recent years, volunteer work in Africa, South America and Asia has become increasingly popular. It's not just social science students who are enthusiastic about this. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to do something good, get to know a new country and learn a language at the same time. Attention: When planning your trip, you should rely on a professional provider and inform yourself in detail, after all, you are traveling alone to a third world country.

So now get to planning – there is a lot to experience abroad!

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