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5 abstracts on books and TED Talks on the Internet

5 abstracts on books and TED Talks on the Internet

It surrounds us every day and is the basis for our communication, social contacts and information gathering. We do bookings and shopping online and we can't do without the internet for work either. So let's address this ubiquitous and extremely important topic and look at what the author world has to say about the network of networks.

1. Your Online Life, Permanent as a Tattoo, by Juan Enriquez

As we are used to from TED Talks, the authors address topics of international interest. In his new book, Juan Enriquez introduces us to the fact that we leave digital footprints as we roam the Internet, post on social networks, and make purchases with credit cards. The wealth of information that is collected is not only just as permanent as a tattoo, but it also reveals much more about a person than the ink under the skin. The curse of our time is immortality, because digital information – electronic tattoos – will long outlive us.

2. Rewire!: Why We Need to Use the Internet Better, by Ethan Zuckerman

Although we live in the so-called information age, it is more the goods that travel and are available indefinitely. This is what Ethan Zuckerman, a media scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), claims. Because while we consume globally, we are often not informed about where the goods actually come from. Even the information possibilities of the Internet cannot help to overcome the fact that people prefer to engage with what they know.

3. Online character assassination. This is how companies, institutions and private individuals can defend themselves, by Christian Scherg

The publicity of the Internet can mean more customers for companies, more supporters and donations for institutions and more positive reception for every private individual. But what if all of this turns into the opposite and the publicity of the Internet is used to damage one's reputation? In his book, Christian Scherg devotes himself to the methods and motives for character assassination on the Internet and reports on defamation in private, institutional and corporate contexts.

4. Hackers: The Internet's Immune System, by Keren Elazari

Keren Elazari would like to give us a new perspective on hackers with her book, presented at TED Talks. She says: Hackers are needed because their knowledge of how the Internet works and its vulnerabilities are indispensable. They act as the immune system of the information age, which can protect us all from attacks on our privacy. Elazari calls for a reconsideration of opinions about hackers.

5. Google's Little White Paper: The Management Strategies of the World's Most Valuable Brand, by Richard L. Brandt

Brandt's book is recommended for anyone who has ever wanted to get closer to the Google myth. In interviews with former professors, employees and companions of the company's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the author explores the origins of the world-dominating company.

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Why read a whole book when you can read abstracts? So this month we present you the 5 best abstracts on the subject of the Internet. This time it's also TED Talks.

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