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5 abstracts for books about our future

5 abstracts for books about our future

We are currently getting ready for the new year with friends and family and wishing each other a good future. A suitable moment to take a look at future topics and trends. We have picked out the latest and most interesting books on the topic of the future to introduce to you. But don't worry: Instead of reading all the books for months, we offer you a convenient alternative:

Read abstracts instead of poring over books

You are probably one of those students who already have a lot of required reading to do at university. It is sometimes difficult to read in private. If you still want to stay up to date, getAbtract might be just what you need. In less than 10 minutes you will get the main idea of ​​a book through a summary. These are usually 5 pages written by experienced journalists.

The 5 best forward-looking books

We have made a selection that you will enjoy reading, especially at the beginning of the year. Each deals with the topic of the future in its own way and inspires its readers with specific knowledge. From data management to self-optimization – these summaries will arm you intellectually for 2021:

1. Data Crush by Christopher Surdak

The author is an IT specialist and has many years of experience in designing information management systems. In “Data Crush,” Surdak convincingly explains how future business success will increasingly rely on the management of data. At the end of each chapter there are practical recommendations, especially for entrepreneurs and those who want to become one. By the way, the title won the International Book Award 2014!

2. How we ruin our future every day by Pero Micic

The author explains in an amusing and educational way how we should change in the future to make our lives more worth living. In concrete terms, this means that we should overcome our inner weakness as weak, emotional and pleasure-oriented people in order to grow beyond ourselves. If you would like to know more about this topic and are not afraid of possible solutions, we recommend this summary.

3. The future of Al Gore

The former American Vice President has written a work of almost 500 pages about the future of humanity. Gore objectively and factually shows the currents in which humanity is currently moving. Anyone who is interested in sustainability and trends in society can either devote themselves to the entire work or find out more about the summary from getAbstract.

4. Calculating the Future by Nate Silver

Forecasts are part of our daily lives. No matter whether it is about economic forecasts, weather forecasts or terrorist attacks. In his book, Nate Silver impressively demonstrates that information and forecasting skills are often overestimated and that human fallibility should be taken into account.

5. Working time models of the future by Ulrike Hellert

A productive use of working time as a resource is increasingly required today, especially by younger employees. Flexible working hours and a smooth transition between professional and private life present entrepreneurs and HR managers with ever new challenges. In her book, the author provides the latest insights into how companies can react when it comes to making work more flexible and what needs to be done to motivate employees in the best possible way.

Free book "Climate Forces - Driving Force of Evolution"

If you feel like reading an entire printed book again, then probably no other topic is as relevant for the future as the climate. Together with wbg, we have reserved a free copy for you:


Melting glaciers, natural disasters, record heat levels: so-called climate change, the question of causes and consequences, is omnipresent. In terms of geological history, the climatic phases are much warmer than is the norm today. Earthly and cosmic factors can be identified as the causes of climate change.

Order your free book now and prepare for the future.

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Would you like to get in the mood for the future and already know some of the trends? With getAbstract you only need to read five pages and know the respective books that we present to you here!

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