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20 things a student doesn't say

20 things a student doesn't say

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During the course of student life, the same GOs and NO GOs apply to every student. In a certain way we are all the same, regardless of whether we are social scientists, business economists, doctors, mathematicians or civil engineers.

Here are the things a student never never never – but really never – says:

  • I look at the material again immediately after the lecture to understand it better.
  • I sit in the front row of the lecture so that I can follow the topic better.
  • Of course I also read the secondary literature.
  • I always find a place in the bib so easily.
  • It's Monday and I don't have a hangover!
  • This semester I am writing all exams on the first date.
  • Today I'm starting to prepare my presentation, which I have to give in 3 weeks.
  • I love group work. The distribution of tasks is always so fair.
  • I have learned enough and can go to sleep with peace of mind.
  • How I look forward to the cafeteria food!
  • I would like to do a semester abroad and my girlfriend doesn't mind.
  • In my studies I am learning exactly what I will need later in this job.
  • Of course I would like to do an unpaid internship.
  • Can't today - I still have to do something for university.
  • No thanks, I don't need your notes. I was in the lecture myself.
  • The examination office works really quickly.
  • I like to wait 2 months until I find out the exam results.
  • So good that the lecturer simply reads out his script - that makes it worth going to the lecture.
  • I've never had toilet paper taken away from university.
  • That's not relevant to the exam? I'm still learning!

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