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17 technologies that will disappear by 2020

17 technologies that will disappear by 2020

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Don't you laugh every now and then about the technical devices you used to use that are now gathering dust in a drawer? Admittedly, with all the hipster hype, a Walkman in a student's hand would almost be cool - if it weren't so bulky.

Digitalization makes a lot of things superfluous. The Huffington Post, together with futurologist Gábor Jánszky from the Leipzig think tank 2b Ahead, has identified 17 technologies that will be completely alien to our children because they are expected to disappear by 2020.

Desktop PCs: Hand on heart – who else has one of these with them? We'd rather get a mobile notebook than a block like that.

Digital cameras, photo films, MP3 players, navigation devices, landline telephones: why? Well, because smartphones are becoming more and more powerful!

Landline phones: Only our parents use them anymore, right? We're on the go anyway and just need our smartphone.

PowerPoint: Do you know the theory that only people who don't have really good content need a PowerPoint presentation? In addition, offices of the future will be three-dimensional.

Credit cards: The transparent customer is what the economy wants. In fact, the aim is to standardize payment methods via a chip in the cell phone.

Spare parts: Get a 3D printer and build the necessary spare parts yourself!

Key: You don't think the idea of ​​a chip instead of a credit card is scary enough? Instead of keys, you will probably use your smartphone to unlock your apartment, just like your car.

Ticket machines: The smartphone – 1,000 devices in one. And so you also have your ticket on your smartphone.

In addition, by 2020, the following will be swapped out: petrol scooters for e-scooters, hard drives for flash memory, CDs, DVDs, Blurays and analogue televisions for streams, light switches and heating controls for thoughtful “smart homes”, 3D glasses for nothing (TV sets automatically transfer 3D).

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