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10 things every student needs to know before moving to a new city

10 things every student needs to know before moving to a new city

What is the optimal exam preparation and what can you do to increase your concentration? Many will preach absolute renunciation of anything fun and steely perseverance. We don't see it as dramatic.

With our trilogy for exam preparation you will find the second part here to increase your concentration. In the first part we helped you determine your learning type and gave tips on learning techniques. Because the exam preparation phase is also a lifetime and with a few little tips you can not only get through it unscathed, but you can also increase your concentration for the study days.

1. You never know

In the Comfy-Colthes on the sofa, with a cup of hot chocolate and thick wool socks on, you won't increase your concentration to infinity. After the first few pages, you'll be more likely to close your eyes and sink into deep dreams. Exam preparation is different!

2. Nutrition: Those who work can also enjoy themselves

As is well known, eating too heavy makes the mind sluggish. When preparing for the exam, you should eat food that is high in energy but not too fatty. Nuts, fish and avocado contain important unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the brain and provide the energy needed to increase concentration. If your body craves sweets but you don't want to resort to chocolate and the like, fruits are a suitable source of sugar.

3. Variety: Take a break sometimes

Studies show that those who just cram and don't take breaks to relax are less productive. There should also be a balanced mix of work and free time when preparing for the exam, because this is the only way you can increase your concentration in the long term. Suitable ways to clear your head and switch off are going for a walk, doing sports or doing something fun with friends. The important thing is that you should relax during the break and do something good for your body.

More tips at a glance

There are even more good tips on how you can get through your exam preparation unscathed and increase your concentration here:

1. Don't let your fellow students drive you crazy. Everyone learns differently, so just focus on yourself.
2. When preparing for the exam, make sure you sit straight so that your shoulders don't tense up and you don't get a headache.
3. Small stretching exercises after sitting for a long time awaken new spirits and increase your concentration.
4. Get enough sleep (7-8 hours per night) so that you don't nod off over the stapler.

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