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10 free eBooks on Personal Development

10 free eBooks on Personal Development

It doesn't always have to be the library or a completely new book from the online store-free eBooks take you forward too!

We are totally into the providerBOokboon,For which registration is not even necessary: You simply select a specific eBook and then you can download it immediately. Over 1,000Free eBooksFrom a wide variety of (study) areas are available here. From law or business administration to natural sciences-your field is definitely represented.

Today we will deal with the topic of personal development. Surely you noticed one or the other weak spot on you during the exam phase-be it yoursSelf-disciplineOr your memory that's weakening.

What free eBooks will help you in your personal development?

Here are the top 10 free eBooks to help you with your ambitious resolutions:

1. Memory techniques by Boris Nicolai Konrad

The neuroscientist has analyzed and summarized the most efficient memory techniques. The methods described in the eBooks make it easier to remember names, faces, numbers, lectures or specialist information. What are you waiting for?!

2. Mental Strength of Norman Books

In this eBook you get valuable impulses as to why mental training can also be decisive for success in professional or university life. Numerous exercises and examples allow you to get to know the techniques presented to you and use them easily in everyday life.

3. Achieving self-determined goals by Dr. med. Michael Schön

This eBook can help you achieve better results or achieve a purely resilient stamina. You will finally be able to break through the invisible wall in front of you.

4. Self-confidence in Ute Leitmeier's job

The author helps you to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses. Learn how you can appear confident through your inner attitude as well as through verbal and non-verbal language. Learn strategies to deal with potential attackers.

5. Business etiquette by Birgit Brenner

The first impression-your perfect appearance. This is exactly what the author would like to help you. This eBook summarizes the most common rules of business etiquette. Only those who know the rules can juggle with them.

6. Introduction to Mind Mapping by Helge Raab

Mind mapping is a method of writing down-of ideas, protocols, transcripts, ideas, planning, analysis, etc. So you can think, ideas, structures, structures, structures, etc. Record so that these records can be easily supplemented, completed or expanded.

7. Managing yourself by Antony Fedrigotti

Success is not a coincidence but a matter of mental and practical strategy, according to motivational speaker Fedrigotti. A good manager must first be able to manage himself. Learn how to do this professionally with this eBook!

8. With soft skills to the success of Prof. Dr. Rafl Trautwein

This is about knowing how to deal with people and decisions, i.e. about emotional intelligence. Quite a few personnel experts are of the opinion that soft skills are just as important as professional skills.

9. Worklife Balance by Martina Kockler

A topic that every student should take to heart by now. It doesn't get any better at work and you have already learned how to introduction a worklife balance, you will no longer get up on Mondays with the corners of your mouth pulled down.

10. Heuristic, the art of invention! By Andreas Gräßer and Jan Gräßer

With the heuristic you can promote your creative process. The basic principles for this are illustrated in this eBook on the basis of many examples from the technical and business sectors.

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