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10 reasons not to tune in to GNTM

10 reasons not to tune in to GNTM

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The 9th season of “Germany's Next Top Model” started yesterday. And yes, that should be in quotation marks, because let's be honest - the number of winners who have actually made it big is approaching zero. Lena Gercke won the first season and who actually won again in the last season? The casting format is controversial; It's still entertaining... no matter the way.

However, very few students admit that they watch GNTM seriously. As academics, we have critically examined the motives and have clearly found more arguments against the program.

1. The conveyed ideal of beauty correlates with reality. Even women without 90-60-90 or full, long hair are and remain beautiful!

2. The catfight becomes more and more in focus from season to season. This raises the question of whether students can still work together among people of the same gender or whether they panic that conflicts could arise for no reason.

3. It is conveyed that female students can easily interrupt or even drop out of their studies and make a long-term career based on their appearance. There's nothing wrong with Beauty & Brain, but capital is better invested in the head in the long term.

4. The image of women is not exactly the best. Somehow the girls are portrayed rather hollowly.

5. Model mom Heidi is just annoying. How long does it take for her to retire?

6. The shoots are getting more and more stupid: rolling in the mud, letting cockroaches run over your own body, etc. You can tune in to the jungle camp right away.

7. Instead of the girls being happy about a haircut from a celebrity hairdresser, they just cry.

8. Decisions are artificially delayed every time. Always the same trick in casting formats. That doesn't make it any more exciting!

9. A business student would say: “According to the product life cycle, this talent show goes to the POOR DOGS.”

10. The theme this year is “Show Yourself”… ambiguous, right?

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