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10 things you should have done while studying

10 things you should have done while studying

“Let’s write stories that we want to tell later,” Julia Engelmann says in a viral video online. The idea is certainly not new - Horace wrote about “Carpe Diem” some time before Christ. Even if your time as a student is often stressful, it is still the most eventful time with the greatest freedom. Because before you know it, the 40-hour (minimum) week has caught up with you, family planning may be in full swing and the spontaneity, action and lifestyle are over.

Our 10 tips on what you should definitely have done during your studies:

1. Driver's license: The “cardboard” should be in your wallet between high school and before the end of your studies - otherwise it won't work. Otherwise, in a future international company you would have to fall back on the basic English you learned in the first lesson: Hello, my name is Paul and I go to work by bus.

2. Party vacation: Whether Malle, Spring Break USA, Bulgaria or Après Ski... you deserve to hit the pot!

3. Extraordinary hobbies: Use your freedom and organize your free time. Be individual and non-conformist. So you politely decline your father's suggestion that you continue the collection of his model trains.

4. Action: Your cardiovascular system isn't getting any younger either. How about a sports action experience from mydays, for example? You can get the adrenaline kick you need.

5. Relationship: Have you been in good hands for a long time? Hmm... Always remember: You won't get any prettier or hotter! Maybe enjoy life again! ;)

6. Avoid standing still: Don't stay in one spot for too long. Get to know new shared apartments, move into your own small apartment, leave the city...

7. Education: Intellectual hobbies never hurt - because you may well be the academic elite of tomorrow. Photography, playing an instrument or art – there is something for every taste. “Reading a book” would perhaps be a start if this was not done voluntarily during the entire period of study.

8. Abroad: Whether you take part in the student designer bag contest in St. Gallen, brush up on your business Chinese as part of a semester abroad in Shijiazhuang or teach cats to swim in Portugal - leave the country's borders at least for a short period of time and expand your horizons.

9. Weirdness: Do something that you can later tell your offspring who think you are stuffy and conservative, so that their eyes will widen (while you sip your digestif in the fireplace room, of course).

10. Friends & Family: Thank them for their support and for always being there for you. And how? Of course with gifts. Don't you have any ideas? Then you will find great suggestions here .

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