Sparhandy is giving you a base internet flat rate worth 264 euros

Base data flat rate thanks to a one-off credit for a basic fee of 0 euros + a one-time charge of 9 euros for a surf stick.

Sparhandy has launched a very interesting offer. You get a basic internet flat rate for effectively 0 euros . The offer works as follows: You pay the regular basic fee of 11 euros per month and receive these costs fully reimbursed by Sparhandy, with a one-time credit of 264 euros. The offer is only valid for a short time and only while stocks last!

With the Base Internet Flat you can surf up to a volume of 500 MB at maximum speed (up to 7.2 MBit/s) and then continue surfing at GPRS speed for free until the end of the month. The contract term is 24 months.

A connection fee is not required. However, you pay a one-time fee of 9 euros for the hardware: a surf stick from Huawei that you can simply connect to your laptop via plug and play.

Get an internet flat rate now for effectively 0 euros!


  • 24 months “My Base Internet Mobile Flat” (500 MB)
  • One-off costs: 9 euros for surf stick
  • monthly costs: 11 euros
  • One-time credit from Sparhandy: 264 euros
  • = effectively 0 euros for the base flat rate

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