10 coolsten EM-Gadgets

The 10 coolest EM gadgets: From beer belly to iPhone foil

The main thing is to stand out: 10 gadgets for football fans

The countdown is on, Friday June 8th is the starting signal for the European Football Championship 2012. Then it will be a state of emergency again: Germany flags decorate cars, windows and bodies. If you want to boast really unusual accessories, we took a look around and put together 10 fun gadgets for men and women.

Below are our top 10 European Football Championship gadgets. We look forward to further suggestions in the comments!

The beer belly to strap on

A beer belly in the truest sense of the word. This drinks container holds up to 2.4 liters and can simply be strapped around your stomach and worn discreetly under your T-shirt. The cool refreshment finds its way into the “real” beer belly through a drinking tube. A cooling pad is included. Well, who dares?

I only see black, red and gold

We don't know whether these German-look aviator sunglasses reliably protect against UV light. In any case, she looks pretty stylish.

For flower children

The Hawaiian flower chain in the Germany colors is probably essential for the European Championships.

Haribo black-red-gold bears

If you want to snack in style during the European Championship games, you can also order the Haribo Gold Bears in the Germany colors.

Voodoo EM spell

The Voodoo Soccer Doll EM set includes a voodoo doll and several EM jerseys + shorts, 3 voodoo pins and instructions for evil voodoo spells.

Become a EM bunny

If the EM wig gets too warm on hot days, you can decorate yourself with these cute bunny ears .

Film for iPhone

The smartphone also wants to be decorated for the European Championship. This can be done quickly and easily with a removable film .

Make beautiful eyes

If you like your styling to be a little more subtle and yet unusual, you can decorate yourself with these fake eyelashes . The matching cosmetic glue is included.

Flag for the exterior mirror

With this cover for the exterior mirror, the car can quickly be made EM-ready.

Cover-up tattoo

This Germany tattoo can be removed from the arm after the European Championship without painful surgery.

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