Census 2011: Don't miss the count...

May 9th is the deadline for the 2011 census - the federal government's census. Incidentally, this was legally required by the EU for all European countries in order to make it easier to plan in the future. The last real census in the old Federal Republic was in 1987, the one for Germany as a whole was even longer ago, in 1946.

allmaxx questions and answers census 2011

Whether we think it's a good thing or not, by law a part of the population still has to take part, namely around 10% of the “normal” population, then homeowners and finally ALL residents of dormitories and shared accommodation. This means: If you live in a student dormitory, you must fill out the purple questionnaire (a sample form is available here ), and either an interviewer will help you with this or you can do it yourself and submit the data online or by post.

We are of course interested in how many of you this actually affects and what you think of the census in general. For this purpose, we have set up two small surveys on our Facebook fan page one and would be happy if many of you took part!

Alexander, our man in the insurance and finance sector, has put together all the information and legal background about the census for you. Everything you need to know can be found on allmaxx.de by clicking here .

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