Knowledge for show-offs: Stress-killer basics

The worst thing during exams is when you reach the point where nothing seems to work anymore. This usually happens because we stress ourselves too much and our minds seem to go into overdrive. But how can you escape this vicious circle? There are a few small tools:

A smiling gesture is enough to release endorphins, which in turn block stress hormones.

2. Chocolate
The candy gets the happiness hormone serotonin going and thus supports the blockage of stress hormones once again.

3. Tea
His warmth has a relaxing effect: Valerian, chamomile, and lemon balm teas also calm the nerves.

The mix is key: Minerals and easily digestible carbohydrates help to escape the stress cycle.

Cycling, running, swimming - exercise relieves your stress and restores the disrupted body functions to their normal state.

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