Tips & Tricks for Mac users: Spotlight

Search everywhere with Spotlight.
Everyone knows this: The presentation has to be finished by tomorrow morning. Time is running out. An all-nighter is necessary. And the next morning the disaster strikes: The file is gone. That means: It's not completely gone, it's somewhere on the hard drive, in some directory - but in which one?
As a Mac user, you stay calm no matter how short the last night was. You press the key combination "Command key + Space bar", the Spotlight symbol lights up and a search field appears. Enter the file name there. Every occurrence of this name is displayed on the entire computer: documents, emails, PDF files, folders, contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and even music.

Look in the upper right corner of your screen. Do you see the small blue dot with the magnifying glass symbol? That's Spotlight. Have fun!

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