Student bicycle insurance

Make sure to pay attention to the following when you want to insure your bicycle:

To properly insure your beloved bicycle or expensive sports equipment, you should pay attention to several points.

First: Your household insurance should include a bicycle clause. This secures your bike even outside of your insured property. (Remember: everything inside your four walls that belongs to you is automatically household property! So, if you store your bike in your apartment, you may not even need a separate bicycle insurance!) However, there are differences in bicycle clauses; some require the bike to be securely stored between 10 pm and 6 am, while others do not. This can be particularly relevant on warm summer nights... However, it must always be locked.

In case of theft, you should have your documents about the bicycle at hand. It is best to note down the frame number of your bike. Also, a damage report without a police report is useless.

With the student bike insurance from allmaxx, you have "around-the-clock" protection for your bike for only 1.99€ extra per month! You can find all further information!

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