MUST: Travel health insurance for students

**For students, there is a wide range of health insurances available for abroad.** **Insurance is important in any case, as the "normal" health insurance often does not cover much when abroad.** **As a legally insured person without special foreign protection, you pay:**
  • 100% of the costs for medical, dental, or inpatient treatment in countries without social security agreements.
  • u. U. einen Teil der Kosten in Ländern mit Sozialversicherungsabkommen, auf Grund bestehender Leistungsbegrenzungen ``` ```markdown Possibly cover a portion of the costs in countries with social security agreements, due to existing benefit limitations
  • 100% of the costs for medical repatriation, regardless of the country
Especially during adventurous trips, it is important that topics such as a return transport in case of emergency are covered by insurance. is a review of the international health insurance for an internship in Ghana. Two types of insurances can be distinguished: Travel health insurance for stays abroad of up to 6 weeks at a time. These are the typical travel policies that are available for 6 - 12 €. The insurances usually run for 12 months and then end automatically. For longer stays, such as a semester abroad or an internship abroad, a customized protection is needed, which is calculated exactly according to the planned length of stay abroad. Some buffer should be planned so that in case of a possible change in travel times, one does not immediately run into difficulties. allmaxx has negotiated a so-called group rate with Victoria Insurance for its members. With this, allmaxx members can conclude the Victoria rate at discounted conditions. The quality of the product and the reliability of the provider are particularly important for international travel health insurance, as in case of an emergency abroad, one relies on quick and good emergency assistance. can calculate your rate directly. For any questions, our consulting team is available via email at at any time.
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