MacBook Air - the thinnest notebook in the world

macbook_air.gifThere seems to have been the right thing prepared in the Apple rumor kitchen: the latest Apple product that Steve Jobs presented yesterday at MacWorld 2008 is - as announced - an ultra-thin, wireless notebook. Its name is MacBook Air and it is only 194 mm thin and weighs 1.36 kg. Anyone carrying this in their bag will certainly no longer feel like a pack mule!

The MacBook Air is available in two versions with 2 GB of RAM and up to 80 GB of storage. Not only the size is impressive, but also the price: starting from 1,563.66 EUR you can be part of it. At allmaxx, of course, there is cashback as always - 50 EUR for the new MacBook Air.

Delivery will start at the end of January. Pre-order now!click here =>

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