FONIC Cashback - now even easier, baby

kw09_200x100_fonic.gifMany students have asked if it would be possible to send the mobile number via SMS in order to collect the 1,000 cash points. Of course, that's possible and here's how:

1.)FONICOrder now.
Activate new SIM card and
Send an SMS to 843 43 with the text "FONIC + your allmaxx membership number" (seven digits). The SMS costs only 9 cents!
4.) The back office will check if you are the owner of the phone number. Afterwards, 1,000 cash points will be credited to you.

FONIC is currently the cheapest prepaid tariff (9 cents per minute and SMS). allmaxx members will receive 1,000 cash points credited when they order FONIC now.

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