The new iPod nano

Yesterday evening (German time), the Apple community tuned in to San Francisco, where Steve Jobs presented new iPods under the motto "Let's rock." Here is the news:

iTunes 8 can now automatically create playlists that are based on personal music taste. 'Genius' analyzes the user's music collection and recommends songs that have not been purchased yet from the iTunes Store - making selling songs even easier.;-)

The iPod nano is now launching in its fourth generation. It has become slimmer and looks more stylish with its curved display and aluminum casing compared to its predecessors – but that's (almost) always the case with new devices. The new feature is the acceleration sensor, which automatically switches to the CoverFlow view when the device is rotated or to shuffle mode with a slight shake. In addition, Genius playlists can be created directly on the iPod Nano. The new iPod nano offers up to 24 hours of music playback or four hours of video playback and is available as an 8 gigabyte model for 149 euros and as a 16 gigabyte model for 199 euros. Both models are available in the colors Silver, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, (Product) RED Special Edition, and Black.

der neue iPod nano
Now also the iPod touch - completely overhauled, much thinner, lighter, with Genius function and integrated speakers. All new devices are, which is something to be particularly proud of, fully recyclable. The new iPod touch is available as an 8 gigabyte model for 219 euros, as a 16 gigabyte model for 279 euros, and as a 32 gigabyte variant for 379 euros.

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