The shared lexicon: emergency condoms, refrigerator rules and other tips

Required reading! This belongs on the bookshelf of every roommate: The shared lexicon by Markus Henrik.

The bathroom is constantly occupied, the roommate's favorite yoghurt has simply been eaten and no one has stuck to the cleaning schedule since the last party. Yes, everyday life in a shared apartment can be quite annoying! We just found the following funny book in UNISPIEGEL : “The WG Lexicon – Parties, Protest and Procrastination” .

The author Markus Henrik has lived in a total of 14 different shared apartments and is familiar with all the problems that can arise. From rotten food in the fridge to embarrassing sex escapades.

In the WG lexicon he would like to pass on his experiences and provides many valuable tips for students on how to cope with everyday life in a shared apartment , for example this: “There should be an emergency condom in a central place in every shared apartment. Whoever used it must provide supplies.” (more on this in the UNISPIEGEL interview )

We think the idea is pretty ingenious and the book is written in a funny way. You can take a look at it on Amazon and order the WG lexicon for 10 euros (free shipping). Downloading the audio book costs 6.95 euros. With a free Audible trial subscription you can also download the audio book for free.

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