Spooked out - New name and liberation for VZ networks

StudentVZ becomes Idpool.de and the future of studiVZ and MeinVZ remains uncertain.

Do you still use studiVZ or are you one of those people who only check here every six months and have already switched to Facebook long ago? Then you're like many others. Holtzbrinck now has to pull the emergency brake; this is called a “liberation strike”.

The VZ networks studiVZ, studentVZ and MeinVZ have been complaining about dwindling members for some time. While over 10 million people were registered in one of the VZ networks about a year ago, the number fell to 3.99 million unique users in February (source: “internet facts 2012-02″ via wuv.de ).

Now Holtzbrinck had to react and initiate significant renovation measures. The result: schulerVZ will take center stage in the future and will be renamed Idpool.de. The portal was best able to hold its own against its rival Facebook and, after a relaunch, will be further expanded into a learning platform that complements lessons.

It is still uncertain whether studiVZ and MeinVZ will continue to exist. However, the head of the VZ Networks speaks of a “liberation strike for VZ” .

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