allmaxx offers direct access to Apple on Campus

While others used the 2nd Advent for a contemplative candle burning, the online crew took advantage of the peace in the office andUnifinder for Apple on CampusExpanded with a very comfortable feature.

So far, it has been quite difficult toApple on Campus Storeto get to his university, as access is usually only possible through theIntranetFrom now on, it is possible to conveniently search for the latest Mac offers from home, in your favorite café, at grandma's, or from anywhere else in the Apple on Campus Store. To do this, simply log in via the Unifinder on, and we will then redirect you to the respective Apple on Campus Store.

  1. The university participates in Apple on Campus.
  2. A valid certificate of enrollment from the participating university has been uploaded to the account.

An example: You are studying at HU Berlin. Through Unifinder, you found out that this university participates in Apple on Campus. If you now log in to allmaxx and send your current student ID to the allmaxx service team, we will activate your account. From now on, after logging in, you will receiveUnifinderatallmaxx.deYou have direct access to the Apple on Campus Store at HU Berlin and benefit from up to 12% educational discount when purchasing a Mac.

You will receive questions and answers about Apple on CampushereTranslate the text from German to English

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